Jokes in English: piadas em inglês!

Compreender piadas em inglês é um grande passo para a aprendizagem do idioma pois, para isso, é necessário entender não apenas a estrutura gramatical e o significado das palavras, mas também o significado cultural e o sarcasmo nelas envolvido.

Selecionei algumas piadas curtinhas for you to have fun! Se houver dúvidas sobre seus significados, postem nos comentários! Ajudarei com muito prazer!

Teacher: “Give me a sentence starting with the letter ‘I'”.
Pupil: “I is-“
Teacher: “No, you must always say ‘I am’.”
Pupil: “Okay, ‘I am the ninth letter of the alphabet’.”

An English teacher wrote these words on the whiteboard: “woman without her man is nothing”. The teacher then asked the students to punctuate the words correctly.
The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.”
The women wrote: “Woman! Without her, man is nothing.”


Father: Son, what are your results in the end of term examination?
Son: Underwater.
Father: What do you mean, underwater?
Son: Below “C” level.

1st Eskimo: Where did your mother come from?
2nd Eskimo: Alaska*
1st Eskimo: Don’t bother, I’ll ask her myself!

*”Alaska” soa como “I’ll ask her” :)

Two Americans are talking. One asks: “What’s the difference between capitalism and communism?”
“That’s easy” says the other one. “In capitalism man exploits man! In communism it is the other way around!”

In a school in the States, the teacher had just described Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America.
“Just imagine, children, if he had not risked the ocean, you would not be here today. Wasn’t he marvellous?”
All the children cheered, except one.
“Aren’t you pleased young fellow?”
“No miss.”
“I’m an Indian.”

What breed of dog would you want on your American football team?
A golden receiver.

McTavish, a Scotsman*, went to a ski resort. He told the instructor,
“I want to learn to ski on one leg.”
“Certainly sir, but why?”
“I’ll only need to hire one ski.”

*Os escoceses têm fama de mesquinhos e sentem orgulho disso. Assim, há muitas piadas com escoceses nesse sentido.

Tourist: Can you tell me the way to Bath please?
Policeman: Well, first you turn on the hot and cold taps then …

Postman: Is this letter for you? The name is smudged.
Man: No, it can’t be for me, my name is Smith

What’s better than 10 dead babies in 1 bag?
1 dead baby in 10 bags. (lol)

  • Mari

    I loved the eskimo one! lol

  • Carina Fragozo

    That’s great! But my favorite is the one with the postman! hehe

  • Matheus

    The best ever is Smart Boy! LOL

    • Ada Maria

      I didn’t got it, could you explain?

  • Marília

    Hii Carina! Nice post, I like the Smart Boy too! very funny!

  • Sabrina

    I haven’t figured out the first one yet! Help, please?!

    • Carina Fragozo

      Hi, Sabrina! The boy was supposed to make a sentence starting with the letter “i”, so he started: “‘i’ is…” and the teacher corrected him because, for him, the boy should have said “I am”, which is grammatically corret. However, his sentence should REALLY start with “I is” because he meant “[the letter] ‘i’ is the ninth letter of the alphabet”. I’m not sure if I explained it very well, I hope you got it :)

      • Sabrina

        Of course! Yeah, I got it. Thank you a lot for having a little bit of your time to explain that to me. Thanks!

  • Peri Angélica

    Good jokes for practice and learn english!
    Thank you so much for this post!!!!??