Song Activity: Simple Present X Present Continuous

Here is a listening activity with the song Just the way you are, by Bruno Mars. I’ve used it with my students of the 1st grade of High School and they apparently loved it. This handout was prepared by me to practice the Simple Present and the Present Continuous Tense.
To download this document in PDF format, click here:

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sending me this worksheet! It’ll be useful!

  • Luisa

    Hi Carina, I really liked your blog! And this activity is very useful. I’m a teacher myself and ever since I started teaching through Skype I decided to create a blog too. It’s fairly new, but I’m having a great time writing it. Now, I could say I’m totally addicted to blogs.

    • Carina Fragozo

      Hi Luisa! Can you share the link to your blog?

  • Lísia Máris Hensel

    Hello! I am trying to download this file but, for some reason, I can’t. Would you mind sending it to my e-mail?
    I am an English teacher in Brazil, and this will help me a lot.
    I am already thankful,
    My e-mail is –